Richard Solomon Commercial Lawyers are specialist Property Lawyers in Adelaide, who can assist you with all of your property law needs – whether Conveyancing, Leasing, or any other dealing with land.

Property Law covers a wide range of areas associated with landholdings in South Australia, whether transactions, Leases, Land Titles Office documentation or general advice – it is important you know what your rights and obligations are.

Our Lawyers can assist you in whatever your interest in property might be.

Property Lawyers


Owning or Leasing a commercial property is a significant investment & commitment.

Having your Lease Agreement accurately documented and legally compliant ensures certainty of your rights and obligations, whether you are an owner or a Tenant.

Property Lawyers


Leasing premises from a Landlord is not only a big financial commitment but a big legal commitment as well. It is a long term relationship that you enter into with the Landlord.

The wording of a Lease can be confusing to understand. It is important that you are fully aware of your rights and obligations before you sign anything.

Most Tenants are protected through the Retail and Commercial Leases Act. It is important you understand all your rights as a Tenant.

Our Team has vast experience in providing Tenants with pre-lease advice and negotiating the terms of your new Lease with the Landlord.

Make sure you know what you are getting into.

Renewals & rent reviews for existing Leases come around quickly. It is important you fully understand how and when these occur. We can advise you on the terms of your existing Lease so that you are not left “Lease less”.

Selling your business and need consent from the Landlord to assign the Lease?

This is an area that if not done correctly can jeopardise the sale. We can assist you so that all the legal requirements in your Lease relating to an Assignment of Lease are met.


Commercial Leases are a very specialised and exact documents and must be approached with skill and legal expertise.

We can prepare your Commercial Lease and advise you on what you can and cannot include in your Lease, including what outgoings you can expect to collect from a tenant.

Our team focusses on the balance between the legal compliance and creating a document that works for you.

Understanding the ongoing responsibilities and obligations in the Lease is an important aspect of being a successful Landlord. We can help you work through these and implement strategies to minimise your risks as a Landlord.

You may be approached as a Landlord by your Tenant to consent an Assignment of Lease if they are selling their business. The Tenant has many obligations to you for this to occur.
 You also need to consider the proposed new Tenant. We can help ensure that the Tenant complies with all requirements prior to an Assignment of the Lease.

Let our highly skilled team make sure your interests as Landlord are protected.

Lease Advice Compliance and Disputes

The relationship between a Landlord and a Tenant requires work.

A success relationship between a Landlord and a Tenant requires a commercial approach and respect. Sometimes this relationship is put under stress!

We are well experienced to handle these delicate disputes to create options and resolutions that provide you with the outcome that is right for you.

Contracts and Agreements

There are many interests in land that may require advice and documentation from time to time quite separate from a standard “sale and purchase”.

These may include:

  • Mortgages
  • Option to Purchase
  • Assignment of Contract
  • Licence to Occupy
  • Settlement Deeds

We can assist you with any additional Property Law Interests you may have.

Property Lawyers
Property Lawyers

Dealings with Land

Any dealing with land in South Australia must be in writing and to be protected must be registered on the Certificate of Title at the Lands Titles Office, South Australia.

They can cover a wide range of interest in land including;

  • Caveats
  • Easements
  • Encumbrances
  • Leases
  • Mortgages

The documents required to register those interests are very specific and particular. Only a Lawyer or Conveyancer can prepare these documents.

If documents are not prepared correctly, then your legal interest can be at risk.

Our Team is very experienced in providing advice and preparing these all important Lands Titles Office Documents.

Advice, Compliance and Disputes

Compliance is ongoing in any legal relationship. It requires meticulous scrutiny of your rights and obligations to ensure you don’t get caught out and put yourself and your property interests at risk.

Our Team thrives on risk management and legal compliance, and can assist you to create ongoing strategies to eliminate non-compliance from your property ventures.

Disputes can arise between different parties for different reasons.

Obtaining the correct legal advice and having the documentation prepared by a highly skilled professional can go a long way in avoiding conflict and disputes.

We can provide you with advice on any property matter or document should you want to understand or protect your legal rights.

Property Disputes may arise in relation to:

  • Fencing
  • Neighbours
  • Contract default
  • Breaches of Lease

Should a dispute arise, then we are here to help. We are highly skilled in conflict resolution and achieving a result that our clients are happy with.

We are interested in protecting your interests.

Property Lawyers

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