Richard Solomon Commercial Lawyers are specialist Franchising Lawyers with over 25 years of experience in the very unique area of Franchise Law in Adelaide.

Richard Solomon is one of the most experienced Franchise Lawyers in Adelaide, being one of the first lawyers to work in the industry in South Australia – and is currently a member of the legal committee for the Franchising Council of Australia.

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What is Franchising?

Franchising is a unique and rewarding way of doing business.

It is an extremely successful and rapidly growing part of Australia’s small business sector.

Franchising is a business relationship between the Franchisor, the owner of the business, and the Franchisees, that have the right to market and distribute the goods or service and also to use the Business Name.

Richard for many years has stressed that for all practical purposes Franchising is the cloning of an already successful business.

A Franchise provides small business with the tools of big business.

A Franchise is a binding legal relationship. All of the obligations and responsibilities of both parties are outlined in a very detailed Franchise Agreement.

The Franchise Agreement is not just a standard contract, and no two Franchise Systems have identical agreements.

It is important to us that you fully understand the business relationship you are hoping to be a part of.

We will ensure that you are legally protected and at the same time, you are aware of what you can do to make your business dreams come true.

We act for both Franchisees and Franchisors.

Franchising Lawyers
Franchising Lawyers

Thinking of Buying a Franchise?

If you have been thinking of working for yourself, perhaps a Franchise is for you.

There are many advantages to buying a Franchise.

  • A Franchise offers the independence of small business ownership supported by the benefits of a big business network
  • You don’t necessarily need business experience to run a Franchise as usually all the training you need to operate the business is provided
  • A Franchise often has an established reputation and image, proven management and work practices, access to national advertising and ongoing support

We can provide you with the tools to help you decide whether the Franchise is right for you

It is important to know what you are buying, and what your legal rights and responsibilities are in the very detailed Franchise Agreement.

  • We will talk with you to understand what is important to you and your family
  • We will explain all of the ins and outs of the Franchise Agreement in a language that you understand
  • We will handle all the legal requirements to make sure everything is in place once you have purchased the Franchise.

Our focus is to ensure that you are legally protected and at the same time, you are aware of what you can do to make your business dreams come true … we take you from idea to reality.

We deal with the complicated stuff for you.

Thinking of Selling your Franchise?

You have benefited from your Franchise business and now it’s time to sell.

There are many considerations when selling a Franchise:

  • How will you achieve the best price?
  • How do you go about selling it?
  • Will the buyer be acceptable to the Franchisor?
  • What does the Franchise Agreement say that you must do?

We can help you answer all of these questions to create your exit strategy and ensure that all the legal requirements are met so there is a clean exit for you from the business.

The sale is not just a standard contract.

All aspects of the very detailed Franchise Agreement need to be considered and we want to help you achieve the best possible result.

We ensure that you have ticked all of the boxes.

Franchising Lawyers
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Thinking of Franchising your business?

Franchising is an exciting marketing method. Properly structured and well run it provides great benefits and satisfaction for both the Franchisor and Franchisee.

A business which has been established for many years even if has had past success, may not necessarily continue to be a success as a Franchise. This must be considered when making the decision whether or not to Franchise.

There is a Franchising Code of Conduct that will set the standard on how you must perform and your conduct as a Franchisor.

For us, compliance is a must – and we will help you fully understand what this means.

There are many advantages to Franchising your business:

  • The Franchise Network you create has an ability to grow rapidly
  • The Franchisor has fewer staff and fewer staff challenges
  • The management of each outlet is the Franchisee, who will tend to be highly motivated to be successful
  • It enables the Franchisor to service national customers using their network of outlets

Establishing a Franchise has to be undertaken with skill, patience and expertise.

It is critical that if you intend Franchising your business that you get the right advice from the very start of the journey. This will ensure that all elements required for implementation & success are developed and in place.

We will use our vast experience and expertise to help you understand and balance the legal mine field and your goals, and make sure that you have considered all areas to ensure your future success.

We know what a good Franchise System should be and we can work with you to identify any areas that could be improved. We want your Franchise to be a success.

We assist with all relevant documentation including the all-important Franchise Agreement which is developed to meet your requirements and those of the Franchising Code of Conduct.

We will help you achieve your result quickly.

Advice, Compliance and Disputes

Like all businesses there are times where you may need some general advice or there may be a dispute that needs to be resolved.

There may be areas that you need some help with whether you are a Franchisor or a Franchisee:

  • Reviewing or updating Franchise Agreements
  • How to handle a poorly performing Franchisee
  • How to make sure your Franchisor is performing their obligations
  • Understanding your rights & obligations under a Franchise Agreement
  • Handling a dispute between a Franchisee and Franchisor

Our experience can help you understand and deal with these sometimes complex situations.

Franchising Lawyers

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