Richard Solomon Commercial Lawyers are specialist Conveyancing Lawyers in Adelaide, who can assist you with your Residential Property Conveyancing for as little as $650 (+ GST & disbursements) for a Standard Conveyance.

What is Conveyancing

Buying or selling a home or an investment Property is a huge financial commitment and for many will be the most important commercial decision they will ever have to make.

Conveyancing is the process of transferring the ownership of Property from one person to another. You want to make sure you do it right.

We have a specialist in-house Conveyancing Team dedicated to making the process easy for you, while also taking care of all the legal requirements.

Our rates are competitive with any Conveyancer, with the added advantage to you of legal back up should something go wrong.

We don’t have to send you off to a Lawyer when things get tough.

Conveyancing Lawyers
Conveyancing Lawyers

Thinking of Buying a Property

Buying your home or investment Property should be a fun and enjoyable experience for you. Our Team will take care of all the legal requirements to make sure the purchase goes according to plan.

Let us take care of the legal side, so you can enjoy the fun side.

We work with you to ensure that:

  • Any legal issues that you need to be aware of are identified and dealt with
  • The Property has clear & unencumbered title (it’s actually yours when you settle)
  • The money you pay is held securely (Legal Trust Account) and goes to where it should
  • All details of the Property are correct and have been properly documented
  • All legal documentation is correctly prepared
  • The Property settlement is completed and the Property is yours

Buying Privately? Call our Team about assisting you with any negotiations of your Contract and review of your Form 1.

Thinking of Selling your Property

Selling your home or investment Property can be frustrating and time consuming.

We understand that once the Contract is signed you just want it to settle on time.

We work with you and your Real Estate Agent to ensure that:

  • Any legal issues that you need to be aware of are identified and dealt with
  • All pre-conditions to the Contract are attended to
  • Your Bank is advised well in advance to avoid unnecessary delays
  • All legal documentation is correctly prepared
  • All appropriate adjustments and payments are collected from the Buyer at settlement
  • The Property settlement is completed, and you get your money

Selling Privately? Call our Team about preparation of your Contract and Form 1

Conveyancing Lawyers
Conveyancing Lawyers

Form 1’s

While Buyer Beware applies to all purchases of Property in South Australia, there is some legal information that the Buyer must be advised upon by the Seller.

The Form 1 is the Sellers Statement that is provided to the Buyer that outlines extremely important legal information in relation to the Property.

It is important that the Buyer knows that they have cooling off rights and when they begin.

You should always speak to a Lawyer either BEFORE you sign the Property Contract and before your cooling off period ends to ensure that you understand what the Contract and Form 1 mean and how it will affect you.

It is in your best interest to fully understand the Form 1.

We work with you to understand the Form 1 so you can make an informed decision that is right for you and your family.

If you decide to cool off, it is important that you comply with the strict notice requirements.

We can prepare the all important Form 1 document on behalf of Sellers.

It is important the Form 1 is prepared by legally skilled people qualified in the preparation of this document.

An incorrect or incomplete Form 1 can cause legal risks to the Seller and may jeopardise the sale.

Our Team are specialists in this area and we are here to help.

Asked to Waiver your Cooling Off Rights?

A legal waiver is when you agree to give away your rights, it’s serious.

You might be asked by the Seller or the Selling Agent to “waiver your cooling off rights” when signing the Contract. This MUST be considered very carefully.

It is important you do not sign any Contract before you waive your cooling off rights.

A Lawyer must explain the Contract to you before you sign, to allow you to waive your cooling off rights.

Let us take you through this process so that you can make your decision to waive your cooling off rights with peace of mind.

Only a Lawyer can provide the Legal Advice and sign a Waiver.

Conveyancing Lawyers

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