Richard Solomon Commercial Lawyers are specialist Corporate and Commercial Lawyers in Adelaide that can assist you with all your Corporate and Commercial legal requirements.

Whether you are setting up a Company, establishing a Trust, or undergoing a Corporate Restructure – we have the skills and experience to help.

Our Team enjoys the challenge of getting to know what it is that you want and then working with you to get results that protect your legal rights and allow you to achieve what you are looking for

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Corporate and Commercial Lawyers

Thinking about setting up a Company

Setting up a Company requires some planning and know-how and it needs to be done right.

We work with you to establish …

  • If a Company structure is right for you
  • What the Company name should be
  • Who are the Directors & Shareholders and what share structure is right
  • What rules will govern the Company

We then organise all of the documentation and registration for you.

Thinking about Establishing a Trust

You may choose to set up a Trust to achieve flexibility in tax planning, protection of assets, to protect a vulnerable family member or any other reason.

Our Team are specialists in this area and we are here to help …

There are a few things that Trusts need …

  • The Settlor – the person responsible for setting up the Trust and naming the beneficiaries
  • The Beneficiary(s) – the people or Companies for whose benefit the Trust is created and administered
  • The Trust Deed – the formal document which sets out how the Trust will run and what the Trustee is allowed to do
  • The Appointor – they have the power to appoint and remove the Trustee, a very important role

There are many different kinds of Trust. We work with you to understand how your Trust will be structured & operated, and then make it happen.

We listen, we care and we speak your language.

Corporate and Commercial Lawyers
Corporate and Commercial Lawyers

Need to Restructure your current Business or Corporate Structure

There are times when a Corporate Restructure of your business is required.

A restructure can be complicated. We are there to assist you work through the issues and come up with a solution that meets your needs.

There are many things to weigh up when considering a restructure …

  • Will it be tax effective?
  • Are there any additional risks?
  • Will it increase legal compliance?
  • Are the assets protected?

Other important things to consider include any additional ongoing costs and how you deal with succession & forward planning.

We know how to advise on a range of solutions that will meet your objectives.

We’ll be there to help you work it out.

Advice, Compliance & Disputes

There are times where you may need some general advice or there may be a dispute that needs to be resolved.

Whether it’s an internal dispute within your business or a dispute with a third party there are many ways to approach conflict to reach a resolution that is right for you.

It is important to us that you fully understand all of your rights and obligations to avoid conflict, disputes and compliance issues.

Our experience can help you understand and deal with these sometimes complex situations.

Corporate & Commercial Lawyers

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